Carmina Burana Rocks!

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What a hoot our first joint rehearsal of Carmina Burana was. It might have had something to do with Willem – “Wild ride isn’t it” he said at one point. He certainly makes rehearsals enormously entertaining and enlightening. So too the contributions from Belinda and the music and the pianist, both marvellous.

Last Wednesday night (September 30th) we got something of a feel for how this work will sound – in a word, sensational. Gosh it is a rollicking lively opus and even though the German Latin takes some effort we get swept up in the tumult & pace of the music and can’t help but want to ride the wave to shore.

Yes, we did also realise we have a bit of work to do but this writer is a convert when at first to quote another number the choir is reprising for a coming concert I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see. 

For the cohort within the choir who are able to participate in this production: well done and keep up the good work. You will be amply rewarded by the excitement of the music with all those voices combined and soaring high. The rhythms are so compelling and thank goodness there is a lot of repetition.

In between times, we, the Maroondah Singers, are also preparing as a full choir for our next big gig with the Kids’Hope concert on October 24th. This concert is a repeat of our annual concert program with some additional requested numbers such as the gospel version of Amazing Grace and the 23rd Psalm – The Lord is my Shepherd, the Vicar of Dibley version. Those members of the choir who could not be present for our annual concert are now back amongst us and swelling the ranks and sound. Spring is with us. All hail the light and warmth and may it infuse our singing.