Effort rewarded

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The choir is now working hard to learn all the new material for our Annual Concert which is just 8, EIGHT, weeks away. It might be timely to remind the members that we have been here before and managed well. Last year’s annual concert program had a similar gestation. Indeed it seems, given the reviews (see below) we have received of recent concerts that our continued efforts to apply ourselves well to the task at hand are bringing their reward. We are  enjoying the new music, and what a great program it is – thanks to our musical director, Lyn – and we are continuing to improve our presentation and singing skills.  Be inspired by our audience’s enthusiasm.

A recent review of our May Mountview concert:
It seems that every time I hear the Choir, I walk away saying that that performance was the best yet! Well certainly the Concert on Sunday was just superb and is definitely the best yet!!
Thoroughly enjoyed the program and the contribution from the soloists. Had the chance to speak with Nadia and Jenna in the Supper Room after the concert and I was so impressed with both of the young ladies. You are quite fortunate in having Nadia as a member of the Choir. As I heard someone say – it really did bring on the goose-bumps! In speaking to that delightful Jenna – she did say that Lyn had suggested her two numbers which were just great – particularly – To All My Loved Ones.

I have seen it written – fairly recently – that singing in an organised choir is a very fulfilling source of positive vibes and well being. Well that was very evident in the expressions of the Choir. They were full of joy and were thoroughly enjoying themselves.