Life Membership for Musical Director

Life Membership for Musical Director

At the AGM Musical Director Lyn Henshall was awarded life membership in recognition of her decade of wonderful service to the choir.

She was presented with the honour by president Peter Naughtin (see picture) who has stepped down after one year to become secretary. He replaces Anne Fortune to whom he gave “particular thanks” for her service.

Merrilyn Velcek is returning as president while Lars-Olof Fermvall and Dorothy Wright remain as vice president and treasurer.

General members are Nick Hansen, Ally Openshaw, Kirsty Freeman, Robyn Cox, Ross Clarke and Philippa Bailey.

Lyn told the meeting that the 50th anniversary concert was the highlight of the year and that she greatly appreciated her partnership with accompanist John Atwell. She also noted an influx of new members to the choir.