Maroondah Singers acquire new Yamaha stage piano/keyboard with grant from Maroondah City Council.

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Maroondah City Council

We thought it was about time to tell everyone about our new keyboard.  It has had a few outings at choir performances now and seems to be enjoying itself immensely.  It helps greatly to have a good hand at the helm.  Here is more from the man who makes it sound so great: John Atwell, pianist, organist & Maroondah Singers choir accompanist.

A grant from Maroondah City Council through their Community Grants Funding program for 2015/2016 has enabled the purchase of a new Yamaha CP4 stage piano for use in concerts presented by the Maroondah Singers. Our requirements were two-fold. Firstly we needed a state of the art digital piano capable of reproducing authentic piano sounds to accompany the Singers in performance locations where the quality of the local piano was either below our requirements or did not exist at all. We also needed a comprehensive digital keyboard that could provide authentic orchestral and organ sounds which could be used in conjunction with an acoustic piano. Used in combination with a piano, this can greatly enhance the resultant performance when compared to using just piano alone. The new Yamaha CP4 piano performs both of these tasks admirably.

It is in the second category that the stage piano has been used in two performances so far since its acquisition at the start of 2016.

At one performance the keyboard was used to provide sonorous organ tone to blend with the piano and choir in a rendition of a hymn using Elgar’s famous “Land of Hope and Glory” section of the Pomp and Circumstance March No 1. The venue for this performance had no access to either pipe or digital organ, and so the Yamaha digital piano/keyboard was able to be used to provide the gravitas for the performance which ensued. In the other performance, the keyboard was used to provide authentic orchestral string sounds to a piano performance.

At the Maroondah Singers’ Annual Prestige Concert in September this year, the digital piano/keyboard will be featured prominently. It will be used extensively to provide extra orchestral sounds in combination with the piano to greatly enhance the accompaniment to the choir voices, lifting the performance to another plane.

Due to our good fortune with the venues we have so far performed in this year, we have yet to use the keyboard as our primary source of piano sound. However, we are grateful to the Maroondah City Council that we now have an instrument that we can use to accompany the Singers regardless of the location and local facilities without compromising our performance standards.

The Maroondah Singers are most appreciative of this grant from the Maroondah City Council.  Our sincere thanks.