Maroondah Singers excel at Eley Park

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The Maroondah Singers concert at Eley Park was well attended and it was great to have such an enthusiastic and appreciative audience. We were also fortunate to have Frank from the Eley Park concert committee as our gracious and eloquent host full of praise and commendation for our performance with comments like now we know why we invited them back for a third time, what more does one need.

We sang many familiar songs and it was good to bring back some of the lovely folk numbers such as Gentle Annie and As I hear the sweet lark sing where Nadia Migliardi (from the Sopranos) did a lovely solo.  It was wonderful to hear our third guest soloist for the year so far, Stephen Coutts.  This young man has a real presence and invests his songs with character and place – we could envisage Emile de Beque on that South Pacific island calling to his love on some enchanted evening.  We could feel Javert passionately reiterating his resolve to recapture his old rival in Stars from Les Miserables .

Michael Costa filmed the concert and also took stills.  There were several other choir members in our audience both past and present which was most gratifying.  Among them was Eileen Adams recently returned to us after her trip to the UK.   Eileen was enlisted to take video footage and some stills from a different vantage point using a smart phone.  Both Eileen’s efforts and Michael’s will be combined to create a short highlights video which will soon appear on the new Maroondah Singers Vimeo channel.

Yes, we now have our own movie channel!

We have chosen to go with Vimeo to begin with as we have more control over where viewers go. YouTube is enormously popular and we will also have a channel there soon.   YouTube has lots of advertising and also brings up lots of other suggestions while one is viewing the video of interest – this can be distracting and diverts interest.  The choice of Vimeo allows us  to encourage the viewer to focus on our choir and to look at other videos on our site. So please take a look and invite your friends.

Some more videos from the choir interview series are now up which feature both our younger and oldest members.  We also have a new video on our Join Us page which features Eileen as well as Ray, Anne & Geoff.  This replaces the one which featured Carsten which can stilled be viewed on our very own channel.