Maroondah Singers Inc have a new committee and scholarship singer.

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At our recent annual general meeting we voted in a new committee. We have a new president, Miriam Ford and a full complement of members in our new committee, which means we now have 6 other representatives from the choir in addition to the executive. This is a real bonus for the choir as a more complete representation across the sections of the choir (albiet just one male)gives us the opportunity to listen to a wider spectrum of ideas for the benefit of us all.

We also have a new memorial scholarship singer, soprano Jenna Roubos. Jenna sang beautifully at our AGM and we look forward to her singing with us at our coming concerts. More information about Jenna and our scholarship singers past will be coming soon with it’s very own page on our web site.

Talking about concerts we were delighted to be invited to sing at one of our long term member’s wedding on April 12th. This performance outing adds to our Wonthaggi concert just a week later on the 19th April. The choir is enjoying reprising some old favourites such as All that Jazz, Anything Goes, Putting on the Ritz, Irish Blessing as well as some recent much loved numbers such as Hymn of Peace and The Ground.

If you haven’t already heard music and singing, particularly singing from memory is immensely good to one’s well being. It has to do with joy and the immune system and also with that wonderful old adage “use it or lose it”. Memory work and visualisation encourages neural pathways in the brain to make new connections and this keeps the brain fit and well.  A new book by Norman Doige MD  The Brain’s Way of Healing is full of the the most amazing stories of the special connection between music and the brain. So Sing, Sing often, Sing with others.