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This link has been sent to us by one of our members – it is a most helpful illumination of aspects of the work and gives us a deeper understanding of what we are doing : Carmina Burana

Conductor Marin Alsop  speaks –  This work is a spectacle, a piece for all the senses, the voice, the words, the orchestra with theatre and dance elements. It ranks up there with Beethoven’s 5th in terms of popularity and appeal.

Apparently (although some controvery remains) the poems inspiring the work were discovered in a monastery and are, essentially, the musing of monks about to take their vows and relinguish many of the pleasures in life, particularly lust and drinking! It is all about fate and fortune and how it impacts our lives.

Moving on from Carmina, the Maroondah Singers will not be doing the Kids’ Hope concert which was recently cancelled. Instead we have been offered a gig as a pop up choir at the Opening of Eastland over the Cup weekend. What fun!

Our Christmas concert is also coming up – December 6th, Sunday, 2 pm Mountview Uniting Church Hall Mitcham. We have been rehearsing many works, old and more recently composed. It will be an entertaining program consisting of many new carols not previously presented by the choir. We will also be presenting once again the lovely Flower duet from our Annual Concert. Nadia Migliardi and Jenna Roubos received a standing ovation and it was the audience favourite. Do not miss your opportunity to hear it again. Thrilling and soaringly beautiful.