New soloist for Maroondah Singers Eley Concert

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We have had the pleasure of hearing two superb singers perform at our past concerts to date – Michael Petruccelli and Lotte Betts-Dean.  Now we are to be delighted with the company of Stephen Coutts, baritone and tenor.

Stephen has been singing for moStephen Couttsre than 13 years now, classically for 18 months. Stephen is already an accomplished performer, having performed as a lead role in two school productions, and most recently as the lead male role Christopher Scott, in ‘Miss Saigon’ in May 2012. Stephen is also now a current member of the Opera Scholars Australia Program, Vocal Ensemble at Melbourne University and has also recently performed in two other lead roles in October 2012. Other notable achievements of performances include being a past member of the Victorian Youth Opera, Early Voices at Melbourne University and also performing a duet, ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ with Australia’s Leading Lady, Marina Prior, in October 2011.

In 2013, Stephen completed an Acting Course, Meisner Melbourne under the direction of Clare Dea. In addition to his performances with the Maroondah Singers in the remaining months of 2014, Stephen is now performing as the lead Male Baritone for the Victorian Concert Orchestra, whilst also performing with the Savoy Opera Company and Opera Scholars Australia Program in two upcoming productions as lead roles. Stephen is also completing a second year of his acting course, through Meisner Melbourne, titled the VIP Actors Program.

By the end of 2014, Stephen will complete his University degrees at Melbourne University, a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma of Music (Practical) in Classical/Opera singing at the University of Melbourne. All this in just 21 years. Stephen’s singing teacher is Suzanne Johnston and he is looking forward to joining us in our concerts throughout the year.