Our annual concert receives high praise

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There were many firsts associated with this program. The first time we performed our Annual Concert on a Saturday afternoon and at Luther College Chapel. The first time we featured duets -two- one in each half – piano and vocal -the latter proving to be the high spot of the concert for many. We received many positive and warm comments from our audience.

In response to What did you like best? – absolutely everything, the quality of the performance, the singing, the variety and balance in the program, the soloists. For the musical items themselves top of the list was the Flower Duet by Nadia Migliardi (chorister & soloist) and Jenna Roubos (our 2015 Vocal Scholar) and to quote an audience member :-During the singing of “The Flower Duet” it was so quiet in the Chapel you could’ve heard a pin drop – we all seemed to be holding our breath. Not a cough nor a sniffle! We were all just waiting for the opportunity to get to our feet and give a standing ovation.

Other numbers mentioned included the love song threesome Lullaby, Perhaps Love & Hallelujah, the traditional spititual City called Heaven, the numbers from the 20s & 30s & our encore, the Hymn of Peace – our dedication to Keith Gordon, RIP.  Indeed our whole program was greeted with much enthusiasm.

Given that the numbers of choristers was down considerably compared to other recent concerts – we had 38 on stage of which the majority were sopranos with just seven Altos, five tenors (including three women) and six basses – it was a credit to our musical director and the choir that we achieved the balance that we did and high praise from our audience. It was also a great credit to our three first time singers – Cecilia, Fran and Marianne – who had only recently joined the choir. Well done ladies especially given that we sing from memory and the program was predominantly composed of new music that we had learned over a few months prior to the concert.

Items from this program will be heard again at later concerts and now the choir is embarking on learning Carmina Burana, in German Latin no less. Fortunately we use the music and have lots of learning support in terms of pronunciation and sound files.  We will also be singing with several other choirs and be accompanied by the Maroondah Symphony on Sunday 15 November at the George Wood Performing Arts Centre, Yarra Valley Grammar. Another date for your diary.  See you there!