Vale Keith Gordon

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Keith Gordon, a much loved and valued member of the choir died on June 29th from cancer. His funeral was held a week later on Friday, July 3rd, at Crossways Baptist Church in East Burwood. Keith is survived by his wife, Agela and two children, Christopher and Letitia.

Keith was a member of the choir for over 30 years, 33 according to a few members who predate him. He served in the committee in roles of President and Vice President. He promoted the concert at every opportunity, was our voice on radio. He initiated many fund raising ventures and participated in all our concerts prior to his death, he even helped with erecting the choir risers each time despite his illness.

At the funeral the choir sang several songs requested by Keith – Loch Lomond, My Country, Hymn of Peace – concluding with the benediction of The Irish Blessing. There were 36 members of the choir in attendence many of whom had taken time off work in order to be there to pay their respects to Keith. The choir was greatly appreciated by Keith’s family and those present, the songs were a beautiful and moving tribute to Keith.

On the Monday prior to the funeral a  dedication was held for Keith before rehearsal. A small table was set up near where Keith used to sit with flowers (rosemary for remembrance, yellow roses for brightness of spirit)and a photoboard with photos of Keith on various choir outings alongside. There was also a tray of sand and as each member of the choir entered they lit a candle for Keith and placed it on the tray. Many lingered in the area sharing their memories, offering a small prayer. There were 47 candles lit some for those who could not be present such as John and Nick who had requested one. They burned brightly all through the rehearsal, emanating light and warmth, Keith personified. His wife and daughter were also in attendence. He will be greatly missed.